Waysafe Original is available for either analytical or top pan type balances as shown. Many hundreds of these popular handmade items are in use throughout the UK and worldwide.

The only difference between the two models is the configuration of the front panel; WS110/A is for analytical balances where the operator is sitting down. WS110/T is for top-pan balances where the operator is usually standing. Weighing media powder in a microbiology laboratory is a typical example.

Both models share the following common features; fronts, sides and tops are made from clear acrylic. The front panel simply lifts off so that access for cleaning or filter changing is easy. The back panel and base use white food grade plastic board.

A reliable fan draws air through three simple face mask filters. Particles are contained within the enclosure or are trapped by the low cost filters. The filters can be changed by the operator in a few minutes.

Waysafe Original puts the mask on the balance – not on the operator.