All Geared Head Light Duty

Best In Class All Geared Head Heavy Light Duty Lathe Machine
Particulars MG-L-A-54 MG-L-A-63 MG-L-A-72
Length Of Bed 1350mm 1575mm 1800mm
Width Of Bed 241mm(9.5")
Height Of Center 165mm (6.5")
Between Centre (ABC) 600mm 825mm 1050mm
Ind. Hardened Spindle Bore 38mm (1 5/8")
Bearing Type Tapper Roller
Weight of Machine* 650kg.* 700kg.* 750kg.*
Spindle Speeds, Nose & Morse Taper 8 Speeds, MT - 4
Swing over Bed & in Gap 300mm(12") & 475mm (19")
Swing over Cross Slide 175mm
Cross Slide Size 152mm X 355mm
Threads Metric / Inches 0.5 to 15mm / 2 to 60 TPI
Tail Stock Spindle Diameter & Travel 25mm (1") / 125mm (5")
No. of Feeds/Range Longitudinal 40/0.05 to 2mm / Rev. of Spindle
No. of Feeds/Range Cross 40/0.02 to 0.5mm/ Rev. of Spindle
Taper Bore in Tail Stock Spindle M.T. - 3
RPM can be Obtained Low/High 60/1400