Our History

We’re born with Machine minds and our history is full of engineering.

Our History

Maruti Machine Tools was established in 2005. Maruti Machine Tools is developed step by step over the years which pilot towards successful path and stand on global platform of machine tools industry. Maruti Machine Tools has strong customer-focused approach and continues quest for world-class quality have enabled it to achieve and uphold control in all its major lines of business.

Maruti Machine Tools is providing outstanding business solution that goes beyond customers’ expectation in quality, delivery and cost through incessant improvements in technologies and customer interaction in both domestic and international level.

Maruti Machine Tools has domestic and international presence with a trust to provide most excellent qualities products with latest technologies. It continues to grow its global footprints, with offices in multiple countries.

Our motto is providing ultimate qualities, technologies and service which lead us towards constant growth and success.

Maruti are designed with many innovative features that provide outstanding performance, reliability and productivity to our customers. These are utilized in a wide variety of industries, such as automobile, national defense and military, aerospace and aviation, railway transportation, and so on. Some of the uses of our products include: conventional lathes, used for turning internal, external and cylindrical surfaces; flat bed CNC lathes, primarily used in machining surfaces of axes and discs, tapered surfaces, arc surfaces, threads and boring holes; milling boring machining centers designed for processing medium to large sized work pieces of various materials; pipe threading lathes ideally suited for machining Metric and Whitworth threads as well as taper threads.