Our Services

Our Services are simple and useful to grow your business !

Quality Business

We believe that the mode of success can be achieved through delivering best quality products. Our function is to produce superior quality products for our clients. Therefore, each production stage/process is monitored and Inspected duly by highly experienced quality controllers. Finished products are tested for full functionality, reliability, efficiency and durability.

We believe in Ultimate Quality in all work we do. Our priority is to give pure quality with innovative technology which can be used in any platform of business. Our quality motto is to give 100% satisfaction for products with great after sales account management ongoing services.

Creating better products today requires much more than a product design creature. We would like to provide our products that help our customers to make full use of their powers, make accomplishment higher than expected and trade aspires while being moved and having hope in developing their products. Our quality management system covers all current industry standard methods, including machine and process capability analysis, etc.

At Maruti Machine Tools, our product is identical with pride. Building a machine surpasses the chore task of just fulfilling production objectives and getting through the numerous inspection tests. Every product is power packed to perform in the real world before it actually leaves the virtual sphere.

The search for excellence has become part and parcel of all our employees of manufacturing department and this spirit runs across outside suppliers and after-sale support groups. Our team always has an eye for details besides taking personal pride for their work considered the two most vital attributes of assembly team. All members analyze their own work and are accountable for their performance. This attention to precise fit and functional manufacturing task delivers products of consistent quality and performance continually throughout the year.

Business Solutions

We believe in real time business needs that are why we give real solutions. Our solutions are as required by current scenarios of business. Our solutions are always worked as per the current technologies and innovative ideas.

Our infrastructure is equipped with a cutting edge technology, which enable to engineer huge production capacity within stipulated frame of time. Our in-house production unit is equipped with all the facilities like Casting, Turning, Boring, Grinding, Teeth Cutting, Welding and Painting, which helps us to industry our merchandise and offer at more militant terms.

Our main quality structures as following…

Product Planning : Quality Guarantee in the planning stage (Confirm quality targets that respond to customer expectation)

Design : Quality Guarantee in the design stage (confirm degree of achievement of quality targets that respond to customer expectation)

Production : Quality Guarantee in the Production stage (confirm 100% realization of quality that respond to customer expectations)

Service : Quality Guarantee in the market (conduct survey on whether the products respond to customer’s expectation and give feedback to related division).

Business Services

At Maruti Machine Tools, we not only build high-quality products, we provide the need of the hour service, and support to keep you productive. We support you by offering exemplary services even beyond the point of sale. Being a customer-centric firm, we focus on providing presales service, In sales service, & after sales service that facilitates our clients.

Presales Service : Our technocrats provide you the basic knowledge about each product, its characteristics & features to help you select the right one that caters your need.

In Sale Service : Our commitment to look after the your requirement made us supervise, Inspect at manufacturing stage & give you assurance regarding facilitations done for your conveyance, maintenance which forms the essential thing in sales service made us choose the best equipment manufacturer in domestic to get the parts readily available without delay.

After Sales : We offer demonstration to you and supply the technical information about usage, and maintenance of product. We take care to install, test & give maintenance. We give you a warranty, and in this specified duration, we take the responsibility to give free service along with replacing the necessary parts.

Service is rendered even beyond the above-mentioned period, at this time we charge only for the original cost and nothing other than that. Understanding customer urgency we provide onsite technical services. If any quality problem arises, we respond at the earliest to create a trouble free work environment for you.

At Maruti Machine Tools, we are not only making technology affordable, we’re doing it in a place where many thought it could no longer be done. When you buy from Maruti Machine Tools, you get more than just a machine; you get a commitment to quality — before and after the sale.