Our Infrastructure

We’re Local but our reach is Global with our Partners.

Our Infrastructure

Our main strength is our infrastructure that how we do work globally…

We nurture a team of highly qualified team works to contrive satisfying relations between the companies and their customers. Our management personnel give due emphasis to market dynamics, understanding and evaluating dominating courses and requirements. Our experienced technicians imbibe the design specifications and procreating them in our wide machine part.

Our infrastructure facilities are extensive and the manufacturing process is fully manual so we can provide customize machines. The company employs highly skilled engineers in both design and production to meet the demands of a large customer base and competent market.

Apart from having a modern production line, we do constant up gradation of latest manufacturing systems in the production lines so as to launch high quality products. Our success is attributed to our dedicated and innovative employees and supportive customers.

We have own designed cast-iron components and in stock at our warehouse. Once it is received at Maruti Machine Tools, cast-iron components are organized and staged before stepping into production. From staging, these castings are then transferred to the machine shop, where they are machined make use of cutting-edge & turner CNC, VMC and SPM Lathe machines. Each casting is machined, drilled, tapped and inspected in a single setup, which offers better precision thereby streamlining production process.

After the process of grinding, castings receive parts that enable axis movement. Machines are built to precise specifications by special teams of assembly experts. During this process, team members achieve a series of inspections literally without leaving any stone unturned. At the same time, remaining other parts, purchased and manufactured in-house, are being built into individual sub assemblies. These comprise the imported gearboxes, tool changers, spindles and CNC controls. Following a finely tuned schedule executed to nicety, the castings, control electronics and sub assemblies all channel toward final machine assembly; all these effectuated through thorough planning and teamwork.

Before the product finds their place on the market, the real work that actually counts begins: the process of testing and confirming that the final product fulfils all the criteria that truly make it by Maruti Machine Tools.